The Principality of Monaco, a small city-state overlooking the pristine blue waters of the Mediterranean, is a place famed for its glamour and wealth. The Palais Princier, former home of Princess Grace and current home of her son, Prince Albert II, is at the top of the cliff-bound medieval Monaco-Ville. More well known is Monte Carlo, a neighborhood soaked in sun, money, and expensive champagne, and home to the Formula One Monaco Grand Prix, the European Poker Tour, and the Monte Carlo Rally.

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Things to see and do in Monaco

• Monte Carlo Casino
One of the most famous attractions in Monte Carlo is none other than the grand Monte Carl Casino which was built in 1878 by Charles Garnier, the famous architect of the Paris Opera House. The place is glittering, glamorous and luxurious as it can be expected from a grand casino. Ballet, concerts and opera can be enjoyed at Salle Garnier while gaming rooms keep the visitors rolling their luck at the gaming tables. The atrium with onyx columns, exquisite marble floors, stained glass windows, sculptures and opulent furnishings are very much worth admiring.

• Monaco Cathedral
Although Monaco Cathedral may not be as impressive as other European cathedrals, it has its own air of beauty and influence in Monte Carlo. This beautiful structure was built in 1875 on the site of a former 13th century Church dedicated to Saint Nicolas. The cathedral has a special emotional attachment for the citizens as it houses the Grimaldi family crypt and tomb of the much loved Princess Grace who was tragically killed in a car accident. The former princes of Monaco are also buried in this cathedral. The Cathedral plays an active role during festivals and religious holidays.

• Oceanographic Museum and Aquarium
The stunning building of the Oceanographic Museum and Aquarium lies directly on the Mediterranean shore, giving a breath-taking view to all its visitors. This amazing place was opened in 1910 by Prince Albert I who had a passion for what lies in the ocean. This wonderful museum houses his personal collection of marine life, models taken from the Prince’s laboratory ship and crafts made from marine products. This marine world houses the first submarine of the world. The basement is worth a visit for its lovely aquarium which hosts 4,000 species from the ocean, shark Lagoon and 200 types of invertebrates.

• Palais Du Prince
This monumental palace has been a residence of the Monaco’s Grimaldi royal family since the 13th century. It lies in the heart of Monaco-Ville and takes its visitors through the journey of centuries of local culture and history. Every generation of Grimaldi family has left its marks in this opulent castle. Perhaps the most renowned former residence of this palace was Princes Grace. The palace tour takes the visitors through its 15 rooms including the Throne room. The collection of Napoleon’s memorabilia lies in the South wing of the palace. Look out for the ceremonial changing of the guards which takes place in front of the castle every day but just for two minutes.

• Japanese Gardens
For those looking to escape the heat and find some solace, the Japanese gardens are the perfect place to be. The oriental gardens overlook the Mediterranean, giving some stunning panoramas of the grand ocean. The enchanting gardens have lots of waterfalls, stone lanterns, Japanese ponds, bamboo fences, a Tea house, tiles and wooden gates which all reflect true essence of Japanese traditions. Designed by a famous Japanese landscape architect, these gardens are a great opportunity to escape the agitation and enjoy the purity of soul.

• Monaco-Ville
The stunning Monaco-Ville sits on the top of the grand Rock of Monaco and shows off some of the most enchanting views of the city. The legendary Stone has housed the Royalty of Monaco for centuries and is home to some of the oldest buildings of the city. The palace of the Grimaldi family stands erect atop, magnifying the royalty even today. The grand Stone has history written all over its streets and corners which is a brilliant place to explore and escape from the flashing city below.

• Jardin Exotique
This largest rock garden in the world has the most wonderful collection of flora to dazzle the eyes of visitors coming to see the exquisite site. It opened in 1933 and houses exotic plants, stunning flora and lovely aromas. An archaeological Museum also rises near the rock, and has a collection of findings from the surrounding areas. There is a cave below which houses the natural limestone creativity in abundance.

• Fontvieille Shopping Centre
The large shopping centre of Fontviellie provides premium shopping facilities to its visitors. The large car parking and convenience of a large number of shops makes it a top place to shop in Monte Carlo. From hi- tech equipment to clothes, fashion, music equipment and much more is available under one roof along with excellent places to dine. Lots of dining and shopping options can be enjoyed without any hassle of finding car parking as the centre boasts a vast parking space for its visitors.

• Sea-lounge Monte Carlo
It is undoubtedly the most breath-taking spot in the city to relax and enjoy the drinks under palm trees surrounded by the sounds of the ocean. The heavenly bar is on the shore of the ocean where you can see the amazing sight of sun going down into the waters or see the ocean come alive at night.

• Buddha Bar
Buddha Bar takes your attention with a gigantic sculpture of Buddha at its entrance. A perfect place to unwind, Buddha Bar features Casino Gardens, terraces and a mezzanine. Enjoy live music with an excellent food palette ranging from Japanese to Chinese and Thai cuisines, in a relaxed and serene ambience.

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