Rapallo is on the Italian Riviera in the Liguria region of northwest Italy. It's in the Tigullio Gulf between Genoa and the popular Cinque Terre coast.
Rapallo is the largest Italian Riviera seaside resort town. There's a picturesque castle in the sea, a small harbour and seaside promenade, pedestrian shopping streets in the historical centre and good seafood restaurants.
Close to Rapallo may be found Portofino - a picturesque, half-moon shaped seaside village with pastel houses lining the shore of the harbour. A castle sits atop the hill overlooking the village and views of Portofino's crystalline green waters reveal a myriad display of aquatic life.
Rapallo makes a good base for visiting the rest of the Italian Riviera as it is well connected by public transport. It is situated on the coastal rail line that runs from Ventimiglia (near the French border) to Rome. The train station is centrally located. Arriving by car, there's an exit off the A12 autostrada. The closest airport is Christopher Columbus airport by Genoa.

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Things to see and do in Rapallo

• Historical Centre - Rapallo's historical centre has beautifully painted buildings and pedestrian shopping streets. There's one gate remaining from the ancient walls, the Saline gate. It separates the historic centre from the seaside promenade.
• Basilica of Sts. Gervasius and Protasius - The church, in the historic centre was started in 1118 but remodelled in the early 17th century. A new apse was added in 1679. Its bell tower is a leaning tower.
• Municipal Tower - The clock tower, dating from 1473 is next to San Stefano Church.
• Oratorio dei Bianchi, next to the church of Santo Stefano has a collection of processional crosses.
• Church of Saint Francis - This church was begun in 1519 and restored to its original form in the 20th century.
• Gaffoglio Museum - In the former Clarisse convent is the Museo Gaffoglio with collections of gold, china, and ivory.
• Lace Museum - Museo del Merletto, in Villa Tigullio, has a huge collection of lace from the 16th to 20th centuries with over 1400 items. There are also patterns used to make the lace.
• Rapallo Castle - The small picturesque castle in the sea was built in 1551 to guard against pirate attacks.
• Funivia Ride to Montallegro. The spectacular ride up the hill to Montallegro on the funivia, or cable railway, takes eight minutes. It leaves every half hour between 9:00 - 12:00 and 2:00pm - 5:00pm from Piazza Solari. The cable is 2349 meters long and ascends 600 meters to Montallegro where there are beautiful views of the gulf and the hills. At the top is the large Sanctuary of Montallegro, built in 1558 to commemorate a picture left by the Virgin when she appeared to a peasant. Its marble facade was added in 1896. On the walls inside are many offerings, mostly for miracles at sea.
• Seaside Promenade - Lungomare Vittorio Veneto, a traditional red-brick promenade lined with palm trees, skirts the semi-circular harbor. Along the promenade are art nouveau buildings, restaurants, bars, and hotels. In summer small music groups sometimes perform in the early 20th century band shell, Chiosco della Banda Cittadina.
• Beaches and Swimming - There are a few small strips of beach but artificial lidos allow for swimming and sun bathing.

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