International Congress in Laser Dentistry
“la Luce, la Scienza, il Sole!”
(Light, Science, Sun!)
Light, Science, Sun!

Dear Colleagues,

The adjunctive use of laser photonic energy in clinical dentistry has spanned over twenty years since the launch of the first dental laser in 1989. Early hopes and expectations were largely based on anecdote and it is to the credit of pioneers around the world that science and evidence-base have now provided a background by which patients can receive laser dentistry in confidence and safety.

The remit of this Conference is to bring together International representatives of various laser dentistry therapies, to share contemporary knowledge, science and evidence of laser photonic energy on target oral tissue. The programme provides an essential extension of accredited research and its application within everyday clinical dentistry.

It is my honour and pleasure to invite you to join us for this two-day scientific conference, within the magnificent surrounds of the Excelsior Palace Hotel in Rapallo, Italy. Enjoying an easy 30-minute access of the Mediterranean city and port of Genoa, Rapallo provides an ideal location set against the Cinque Terre coastline where sophisticated leisure is complemented by classic Italian resort culture.

“La Luce, la Scienza, il Sole!” – “Light, Science, Sun” awaits you in Rapallo!


                                                                                                       Prof. Steven Parker
                                                                                                       Congress Chairman

Welcome message from the Congress Chairman
Prof. Steven Parker
Congress Chairman
Organizing & Scientific Committee
Rapallo - September, 14th-15th 2012
Stefano Benedicenti, Steven Parker,
Rolando Crippa, Giuseppe Iaria, Giovanni Olivi
Ercole Romagnoli, Tosun Tosun,
Wayne Selting, Jihad Habli
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