International Congress
Laser Paediatric Dentistry
Dear colleagues,

it is my great honor and pleasure to invite you to attend the first International Congress in Laser Paediatric Dentistry and present the most recent research achievements and ideas at this meeting. This event will take place in the wonderful meditterranean city of Genoa, on the northern Italian Riviera, November 9th and 10th 2012.

A lot has changed recently regarding the improvement of the diagnostic methods, the reconstruction materials, as well as the surgical techniques for the management and treatment of young patients.
Welcome message from the Congress Chairman
Prof. Stefano Benedicenti
Congress Chairman
Distinguished colleagues from all over the world will discuss their surgical and medical expertise and debates in the attempt to find a consensus for a better way of treating young patients.

The forum includes oral and poster presentations. We invite you to join us in Genoa where you will meet the stalwarts of Paediatric dentistry from all over the world to share professional, research, academic and clinical experience as well as professional and personal insights to further the knowledge and delivery of care system.

Your participation in the forum would greatly contribute to the success of this unique event and we look forward to welcoming you in Genoa.

Dear colleagues,

Lasers have proven safe and effective for many procedures, such as surgical, carious removal and cavity preparation. Lasers are today an alternative to high-speed drill and blade, eliminating fear and patient discomfort. It also creates no known after-effects of its own.

The University of Genoa is pleased to dedicate this two days Laser Dentistry Meeting to Paediatric Dentistry. This meeting will be an invaluable opportunity for all students, paediatric dentists and general dentists currently using or wishing to integrate laser-assisted dentistry in their practice, in the attempt to offer innovative and minimally invasive therapies that improve the quality of children’s dental care.

on Friday, a one-day Introductory Laser Course will address the fundamental concepts of Laser physics including differences in laser wavelengths, setting laser parameters, and safety. Also an in-depth discussion of all available wavelengths and their specific applications will be covered.

On Saturday, the Congress program will focus on the use of lasers in Paediatric dentistry.
Welcome message from the Scientific Committee Chairman
Dr. Giovanni Olivi
Scientific Committee Chairman
Renowned speakers from Europe and USA with various years of clinical and academic experience in both Laser and Paediatric Dentistry will show the amazing and unbelievable advantages of laser technique. They will offer a comprehensive look at all the conventional indications for laser assisted paediatric dentistry and introduces operative modalities that lead to predictable outcomes. Topics include using lasers for hard and soft tissue therapy and the use of low level lasers in children and adolescents. A special lecture is reserved for laser treatment of patients with special needs such as intellectual and physical disabilities.

Enjoy exploring the wonderful world of laser dentistry!

Looking forward to seeing you all.

Respectfully yours
Scientific Committee
Alberico Benedicenti, Stefano Benedicenti, Claudia Caprioglio, Rolando Crippa,
Roberto Gatto, Giuseppe Iaria, Giuseppe Marzo, Giorgio Alberti and Giovanni Olivi
Organizing Committee
Stefano Benedicenti, Rolando Crippa, Giuseppe Iaria and Giovanni Olivi
Genoa, 9th-10th november 2012
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