Laser Fellowship Course - Iran
International Fellowship Program in Laser Dentistry

The 6th International Fellowship Program in Laser Dentistry, a joint program between Genoa University and Tehran University of Medical Sciences is designed to train the general and specialized dentists to learn the application of laser in different fields of dentistry. This course includes 7 modules that the last one held in Genoa University.
During this course, the participants will learn step by step how to apply different wavelengths in their clinical practice.

List of Graduates October 2015

1.  Dr. Farzaneh Momeni Torkaman
2.  Dr. Sanaz Jahanfar
3.  Dr. Noushin Ghaem Maghami
4.  Dr. Mohammad Shapouri Ghazvini
5.  Dr. Mohammad Nikzad
6.  Dr. Faramarz Tavakoli
7.  Dr. Mehdi Mokhtari
8.  Dr. Habib Ladjevardi
9.  Dr. Leila Gholami Fard
10. Dr. Shadab Ghods
11. Dr. Mohammadreza Ebrahimizadeh
12. Dr. Masoud Khodadoost
13. Dr. Ladan Esfahanizadeh
14. Dr. Ali Akbar Mirahmadi
15. Dr. Mohammad Ali Nadali
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