Indonesia, Jakarta
International Fellowship Program in Advanced Periodontology and Implantology

This program is designed to train dentists in Advanced Periodontology and major bone augmentations, by equipping them with knowledge that are evidence-based, so that they will be able to plan, initiate and carry out the best treatment plan for their patients. During the course the partecipant will grow to take the confidence on cases ranging from the simplest to even the most complex.

List of Graduates 2015

Dr. Ricke Santoso
2.  Dr. Heince Wijaya
3.  Dr. Andreas Budiono Sugiarto
4.  Dr. Irene Sindhunata
5.  Dr. Prita Widianti
6.  Dr. Ines Pramono
7.  Dr. Trijani Suwandi
8.  Dr. Lily Widjaja
9.  Dr. Bobby Ricardo Descar Gunadi
11. Dr. Lily Mustapa
12. Dr. Ananta Tanuharjo
13. Dr. Marzella Mega Lestari
14. Dr. Ruby Kusnadi
15. Dr. Surya Siawang
16. Dr. Djoko Micni Mijaata
17. Dr. Lilik Indrawati
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Starting June 2014 - End March 2015
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